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Compose a 2750 words assignment on social media's role. Needs to be plagiarism free!

Compose a 2750 words assignment on social media's role. Needs to be plagiarism free! Social media in the global scenario is able to address market taste and demand. It is the most cost-effective tool in the context of spreading awareness as well as resolving issues. The content which is user-generated is basically broadcasted across social media. Users gain an advantage because they replace professional journalists. Movements of anti-corporate globalization are well represented by two factors such as digital networking and media activism. This form of media channel simply enhances global reach, speed, and flexibility of information. Computer-mediated communications usually enable the retention of interactions across wider geographical segments. In this study, two main aspects shall be analyzed – a theoretical framework based on social media issues and its application on the real-world organization. The case study chosen to evaluate the impact of social media is based on Malaysian airlines.



The Internet is incorporated within every social routine in the current scenario. Physical and virtual activities are constantly being integrated through this approach. Global connectedness is facilitated through an Internet connection. It usually strengthens relationships with households and neighborhoods. Glocalization is initiated through internet-based approaches. CSSN or computer-supported social movements encompasses anti-corporate globalization trends. The technological infrastructure of the Internet support movements at regional, local, and state levels. Social activists are witnessed to move across offline and online activities. A horizontal networking mechanism not only enhances the social movement method but even provides a broader context in relation to a social, economic, and political organization (Kabani, 2012).

For broader social spheres, the open-source development process is regarded as an important concept where computer programmers can adapt, distribute, and improve new software code versions across communication networks globally. Open source is considered by many activists as a wider metaphor since it includes the right to distribute, the right to improve, etc. The cultural logic of social networking includes connections and horizontal ties amongst autonomous and diverse elements, open and free circulation of widespread information, democratic decision and decentralized coordination, and self-directed networking.

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