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Compose a 5750 words essay on Wireless Networks-WLAN's. Needs to be plagiarism free!Download file to see previous pages... The concept of wireless networking is a relatively new domain and has not bee

Compose a 5750 words essay on Wireless Networks-WLAN's. Needs to be plagiarism free!

Download file to see previous pages...

The concept of wireless networking is a relatively new domain and has not been utilized to the fullest even today.

However, as is common with any new technologies, wireless networking comes with its own inherent set of advantages and disadvantages. These advantages and disadvantages shall be discussed elaborately in the coming subsections of this chapter. Due to some additional advantages over conventional wired networking, the use of wireless based solutions is increasing with each passing day, both in the corporate world as well as for domestic purposes. In true synchronism, the increasing use of wireless networking has also be been augmented by the decreasing prices of the supporting devices of wireless devices. At the moment, almost all devices that provide networking solutions follow the 802.11 standards, which is popularly referred to as Wi-Fi technology. The equipment required to build a wireless networking solution is pretty straight forward and consists of the usual network interface cards and routers apart from the set up of access points at requisite places (Russell Shaw, 2001).

the relatively new generation of wireless networking has no doubt got a lot to offer and this evident from the fact that a large part of the networking world today relies on wireless technologies. This is because this technology provides a number of advantages over other technologies, which are discussed below:

Enhanced connectivity: one of the most important achievements of present day wireless technologies has been that the use of these technologies has enabled users to stay connected for longer periods of time. In fact, the use of wireless networking helps users to stay connected even when they are mobile and the feature of staying connected even while roaming has been received well by many users. This is because in addition to staying connected, the presence of all round connection eliminates the need for the user to login to the service at different places.

Access to most updated information: for persons on the move and for whom the flow of newest information is a primary requirement, wireless technologies are the most suitable solutions. In addition to helping provide for accessing the most updated information, it awards a user to coordinate activities at a different location by using the technology to issue command and coordination instructions. This has found a huge response from time critical sectors of the industry such as weather services, healthcare, defense etc.

Enhanced return on investment: According to a popular NOP study, it has been found that the use of wireless networking has had a huge impact on industries in terms of the return on investment. Many organizations have stated that they have been able to save almost 3-4 times than they expected by doing away with all the cabling and labor costs, thereby allowing them to obtain a faster return on investment.

No need for cabling: perhaps the most notable advantage of wireless technologies is the fact that in such a scenario, there is no need to use any sort of cabling and this can be used to both enhance the speeds as well as cut doe on the installation and maintenance costs.

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