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Compose a 750 words essay on Female Vietnam Veterans Heal From the Oppressions of War A Spiritual View of Forgiveness From the Inside Out. Needs to be plagiarism free!Download file to see previous pag

Compose a 750 words essay on Female Vietnam Veterans Heal From the Oppressions of War A Spiritual View of Forgiveness From the Inside Out. Needs to be plagiarism free!

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Psychological disorders have impaired the once healthy mental and emotional well being of veterans. The guerrilla style of warfare executed during this war intensified the horror of deployed military personnel. Being the longest war that the United States has experienced, the Vietnam War has tremendously impaired the psyche of the Americans. The atrocities of the Vietnam War were enormous especially for American female military personnel engaged in this war. Aside from the shocks and trauma from war encounters, some of them were also victims of sexual discrimination and sexual abuse. According to Hilder (2004), nearly 30% of women US veterans from Vietnam War experienced sexual encounters “accompanied by force of by threat of force.” These made the Vietnam War a repugnant event that made those who committed these vicious crimes unforgivable to them.

The atrocities that they experienced in the war were in themselves, traumatic. However being discriminated and abused by their fellow military personnel intensify these emotional scars to a point that these have been transformed into hatred. Time can allay and completely heal the fear that one has, the traumas was brought up by the cruelty of their enemies. yet deep-seated animosity and hatred due to these sexually related misdeeds that they received from some men cannot be healed without forgiveness.

Forgiving others eases up pent-up anger and hatred. It is actually a "response to an injustice or a moral wrong (What is Forgiveness)." In war injuries comes from a wide array of causes that eventually result into a diversity of effects. It can lead to serious damage such as grave and even lasting psychological, emotional, and spiritual defects. But what is even more shocking and unbearable is the betrayal of your trust to your comrades especially so when females have been sexually harassed by their peers. The research of Fontana and Rosenheck (1998) on female Vietnam War veterans, who had experienced sexual stress, concluded that sexual discriminations and abuses are toxic for the development of post-traumatic stress disorder.

Here is where the healing power of forgiveness should take place. Unlike the psychological and emotional harm inflicted on them during the war which they voluntarily submit themselves into. what exacerbates the malady of the female Vietnam War veterans is the fact that they suffered a harsher and more contemptible experience from their male comrades who discriminated them. Psychological, emotional and spiritual injuries that they received from the Viet Cong can be healed by psychotherapeutic means. But without forgiving the sexual misdemeanors of their male company, the toxic effects of hatred will continue to retard their healing process. Forgiveness, especially when done methodically and scientifically will unclog the animosity inside her and free her from the harsh effects of hatred.

Drs. Robert Enright and Gayle Reed conceived the Process Model of Forgiving. This healing method aims to use the power of forgiveness in psychotherapy. It has four phases: Uncovering, Decision, Work and Outcome/Deepening Phase.

Uncovering Phase - In this first phase, a person, in the case of Vietnam War veterans, the female military personnel, has become acquainted with the emotional pain that she receives from the immoral and unjust injury. Her resentment towards the abusers is to be felt to the fullest.

Decision Phase - This honest recollection and uncovering of her emotional pain can already heal some of the symptoms of her psychological and emotional distress.

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