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Compose a 750 words essay on International Marketing Project 2/1. Needs to be plagiarism free!These firms have accessible headquarters and an updated website. The interview lasted for about forty minu

Compose a 750 words essay on International Marketing Project 2/1. Needs to be plagiarism free!

These firms have accessible headquarters and an updated website. The interview lasted for about forty minutes as the answers were registered on a writing tape. The working tools utilized in analyzing the data as well as interpreting it were Likert scale, content analysis and semantic differentiation. These were the quantitative data. In the results, most respondents had different views. All the sampled representatives of tourism companies responded that they have a website where they take their offers, where the details consisted of the touristic services they offer, a website that is greatly considered importing in international market communication. Other means of communicating to customers internationally as stated by the interviewees included the business messages sent via email to the database with clients, the sponsored links, company newsletters, and the use of social networks by companies (Baker & Hart, 2008). One communication tool mentioned in common during the interviews was the use of letters, which are used to attract and maintain the existing customers through informing them on promotions, offers, surveys, contests, projects, or events of a given company at a given time. Sources of information for qualitative and quantitative data Primary sources This is generally understood as information gathered from the data source and which has not been analyzed prior to being classified as part of the needs assessment. It is collected directly from the concerned group by the team carrying out assessment through field work. It is mostly gathered using face to face interviews or dialogues with members of the concerned population, but phone interviews, email exchanges, radio communication, and direct observations can also be used. For the context of international marketing communication, the primary source of information used is face to face interviews and email exchanges. Secondary sources This is information that has usually been collected by researchers who were not involved in the assessment at hand and has gone through at least a single layer of analysis before including it in the needs assessment. It can comprise published research, cleaned data, media reports, internet research, or data that has been gathered and analyzed for a reason apart from the needs assessment, like academic research or a sector or agency that specifically checks reports. For m topic, the secondary source of data will make use of media reports and internet materials to give a synopsis of how different companies in the world practice the issue of communication at an international level. Simple surveys Here, a proportion of a certain population is sampled systematically or censuses of the populace taken. In this context, my statistics will be generated through the use of questionnaires and related surveys, where the company representatives will be required to give information for the purpose of data collection. Focus groups A qualitative research strategy entails use of interviews on a chosen topic over a small group of individuals. The source will be effective in my topic because it will enable researchers to collect data about several companies in a single session. In fact, the source is practical because the company representatives form a homogenous group that has related responses on the topic being handled. No researcher will try to convince the group to reach a certain consensus (Buttle, 1996). Scholarly

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