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Compose a 8000 words assignment on cyber network security, threats, risk and its prevention. Needs to be plagiarism free!

Compose a 8000 words assignment on cyber network security, threats, risk and its prevention. Needs to be plagiarism free! The rapid change in technology has significant effects in the everyday lives of human influencing all the aspects of life such as medicine, commerce, education, and security. Information technology too seems to influence the lives of individuals similarly since it has brought improvements in the individual lives, in the family lives, in education, career, democracy and freedom and every other aspect of life where information is needed. During the 1990s, the entire world could be seen to be developed around the telecommunicated networks of computers incorporating the use of information systems and technology. The power of information is largely responsible in contributing to the spheres of human activities. Be it genetic engineering or the development of software, the information technology is enabling the progress across every field of advancement across the world (Castells, 1999, p.2). However, considering the topic of information technology, the concern for security also arises to which it can be stated that the technology has both a good side as well as a bad side to it. While IT may be used for the purpose of promotion and stability of security, on the other hand, the system can also be misused that threatens the system and its use. The positive uses of the IT come in the way it can be used to distribute and exchange ideas and strategies for security, to draw together support for harmony missions and security programs, and to put into practice and organize security plans and operations. It is crucial in every operation of the government of any country, spreading its functions from intelligence collection to command and control. Even targeting terrorists and implementation of controls over borders can be achieved through the use of IT (Denning, 2003, p.1). However the negative side of the IT reflects on its misuse and the effects of the cyber crimes that have significant concerns in every organization across the world. Information technology can be easily attacked and taken advantage of that in turn threatens the issues of stability and security. Computers and communication systems may be jammed by any individual or groups working against goodness making use of bombs, missiles, and electromagnetic weapons. Moreover the use of media that is another part of the IT can be done by such harmful people to spread rumours and lies across a nation, or attack computer systems purposefully to steal undisclosed information or damaging data and systems (Denning, 2003, p.1). Thus technology can be said to have both its good and bad side. It is in this regard that the ethical issues are also needed to be taken into consideration. The values of ethics are considered to create a balance and serve as a platform supporting the codes of practice in businesses, medicine, national security, and other related fields. Throughout the world and in the developing countries, governments, defence industries, and organizations associated with finance, power, and telecommunications are increasingly made targets to such cyber attacks from criminals and nation states seeking economic or military advantages.

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