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Conceptual Learning

GOAL: Create a concise expose of two strategic planning concepts that may be utilized in your own organization.

Organization: DoDDS (Department of Defense Dependent Schools) 

                          DoDEA (Department of Defense Education Activity)

Instructions: Do some research and write a 600-700-word summary (body content length) that discusses two different strategic planning concepts. Locate a minimum of three scholarly journal articles for each concept—a minimum of six articles for the paper altogether (these articles must be new to this assignment for this course). You want to select research that presents each concept and its usefulness in strategic planning within organizations. Keep your writing in third person when you discuss how these concepts work in your sector.

Suggestions to help your writing:

Use level headings (APA) to distinguish the various parts of your paper. No abstract is required, but a title page and references page are required.

You may use any level of sources—scholarly, popular press, or websites—to provide foundational information used to inform you about each organization. However, make sure to properly cite and reference these sources according to chapter seven of APA.

Regardless what sources you use gain information about the companies, you are still required to list and use SIX scholarly journal sources in the assertions and references in your paper.

The paper should be written in third person and is not reflective (first person not acceptable).

Plagiarism is not accepted. The paper will be submitted through Turinitin. Originality is a must. 

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