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There are two major elements of this assignment.

There are two major elements of this assignment.

The first element is to compute and show the average scores of each survey question results. 

For each survey question with ratings, show:

Number of responses (total count) for each rating times the rating value, divided by the number of responses. Here is an example:  Cannot evaluate responses are not counted.

Hypothetical example: Question 5:

Count (No. of responses)

0                 x            Strongly Disagree (1)     =     0

2                 x            Disagree (2)                   =     4

3                 x            Neutral  (3)                     =      9

4                 x            Agree (4)                        =     16

1                 x            Strongly Agree (5)          =       5


10                                                                    =      34

Average score = (32/10)  = 3.40

The second element of the assignment is to review the existing survey questions and the survey results, including the open-ended comments. Based on what you read, recommend five actions for improving the current performance appraisal plan that are supported by both the ratings and comments.

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