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Course: HMLS-3250-10Sp19 - Emergency Management Chapter 5 The Disciplines of Emergency Management:

Course: HMLS-3250-10Sp19 - Emergency Management

Chapter 5 The Disciplines of Emergency Management: Communications

This module describes the importance of a good leader to the communications ability of emergency management organizations. Good leaders can instill confidence not only internally to the organization, but also externally to the public and other audiences. Poor leadership can instill the opposite, even when operations may be progressing well. Many organizations create crisis communication plans so that their leadership are better able to manage the communication needs of emergency and disaster events that transpire. Peter Sandman is a widely referenced crisis communication expert that has produced a great many crisis communication fact sheets and other job aids.

crisis communication website at (Links to an external site.)

Briefly summarize the actions prescribed, the value you see in adhering to this advice, and explain whether or not you believe this would be helpful advice to an emergency manager faced with a major disaster event.

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