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Create a 1 page page paper that discusses of purpose for ma in criminal justice to loyola university of chicago,il.

Create a 1 page page paper that discusses of purpose for ma in criminal justice to loyola university of chicago,il. ment of Purpose I am completely aware that addressing issues with justice have quite been delicate everywhere and that it would take serious heart, responsibility, and honest scrutiny in fair view of things to serve and treat individuals with the appropriate judgment and respect due them. With this in thought and passion, I had managed to derive relevant law studies in approximately four years, being taught the core values of integrity and courage toward countrymen by the institution which, I could attest, had as well enhanced my competence in handling arguments besides properly dealing with other courses I barely coped with. This foundation I suppose bears enormous impact on my decision to pursue further studies involving criminal justice system. Through my work as a manager of a commercial department back in Russia, I obtained profound realization of the immense worth there is in building people’s confidence at work. I used to supervise six people at this stage and treating each of them with fair amount of reward or sanction deserved became essential as it reminds every person that justice does exist. During my undergraduate years prior to this, I studied diligently and was also conscientious of taking academic details in account so that as early as this period I had already practiced even distribution of energy to each scholastic assigned task besides wise management of time. At school, I made sure that I could get my points across with adequacy in any aspect without offending the other party and in return, allowed others to be listened to sincerely. Such endeavor has not ceased to this age and even while I took up Management in Social Sphere which was another huge step in my learning to adjust with different kinds of people and value deep human relations where everyone is synergistically encouraged to express diverse opinions with respect to social matters that tap into politics and economy in general. To help reduce events of crime at least and thus lower upsetting rates of mortality due to such occurrences, through my accumulated knowledge and skills after formal training, would be my working objective or statement of purpose for the moment. Correspondingly, I believe that my constant sense of compassion, discipline, and evolving interests to ensure proper administration of righteous justice for all is my primary drive for acquiring a Master’s degree of education with Criminal Justice at the Loyola University of Chicago.

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