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Need an research paper on the absence of humanity in the bind city. Needs to be 7 pages. Please no plagiarism.

Need an research paper on the absence of humanity in the bind city. Needs to be 7 pages. Please no plagiarism. The story revolves around an explained mass epidemic of blindness that infects almost all the people in an unnamed city, as a result, the social structure disintegrates and everything turns chaotic as the government and all other services become dysfunctional. Anarchy and chaos reign supreme and in an attempt to salvage the situation, the state orders all those infected to be quarantined in an abandoned mental institution. The place is soon overcrowded and the blind inmates begin living like animals and even worse. They fight for survival and some form gangs which they use to suppress the rest. The story is centered on the city doctor’s wife who miraculously was the only one who escaped the blindness and a band of several blind people who manage to escape and exemplify some sense of order by living as a family in the doctors flat while everything else is crumbling in moral decay around them. In part four of the books, soldiers arrive at the asylum where the blind have been quarantined to deliver food by they find that the numbers are too high and too eager to get the food and they panic. Consequently, they fire into the crowd killing several unarmed innocents and retreat leaving the food. The internees are faced with the issue of burying their dead and series disagreements arises about whether they should first bury them or eat. this culminates into a crisis as they try to determine who should have power and hold leadership in the “commune”. After the meal, the doctor visits the lavatory and he is shocked at the level of disarray and chaos therein, he realizes that at this rate they will soon be no better than animals. One of the most overt philosophical readings that the book opens itself to is the existentialist point of view from this perspective, the books can be viewed as an allegory of the human condition which according to existentialism is determined by social or cultural norms. After the plague hit the city, these suddenly become far-flung concepts as the inhabitants degenerated to the basest of animals using the most nefarious means to survive and exert dominance over each other. From the above passage, the doctor arrives at this conclusion when he realizes that the things that were traditionally conducted with the highest levels of decorum such as burying the dead had been relegated to minor issues and even basic hygiene was no longer adhered to. People’s lives dwindled down to the bottom of the Maslow hierarchy such that they end up scrambling and sometimes killing for food in streets littered with refuse with no caring for dignity only concerned with their own food security. Without sight, there is no means by which to police each other effectively and as a result, the social structure which holds civilization together falls apart. Among the central positions held by existentialist philosophers is that the existence precedes the essence, that is to say, that one’s real self is not that which others see neither can it be defined by the societal stereotypes of functional roles of the individual. The primary consideration into one's identity is that they are an independent and conscious being, therefore, their true essence radically differentiated from the arbitrary essence which their immediate society uses to define them. Saramago seems to imply that humans are not in control of their being, “Inside us, there is something that has no name that something is what we are (Saramago 96)”.

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