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Create a 12 page essay paper that discusses A study of the conservatives and the democrats.Download file to see previous pages... A free market is one which there is very little government interferenc

Create a 12 page essay paper that discusses A study of the conservatives and the democrats.

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A free market is one which there is very little government interference. The forces of demand and supply are left to align themselves accordingly depending on the market situation at hand. Communism is stated to be a great enemy to mankind because it generally deals with taking from the rich and giving to the poor. Communism further advocates for equality between all citizens in terms of wealth. He further emphasizes that the government is closest to the people and therefore will give what is best to the people. He advocates that all American citizens should be left to work on their families and wealth on their own with little government interference. This wisdom of conservatism he furthers states has been attained from generation to generations of individual experiences of past leaders and past nations. The Government shall intervene when an individual impinges the right of their neighbor and will also assure equal opportunity to all citizens and will also be passionate in caring for the disabled individuals. The Government will cater for the individual instead of groups so as to ensure all individual maintain their dignity and identity. It will further prevent excessive taxation, extreme controls, and oppressive competition with business and frustrated minorities. This are not factors that conservatism favors. President Reagan generally therefore advocates for freedom of the American people with little interference from the government. This is therefore the underlying principles of conservatism in America. All individuals are given equal opportunity and therefore what differentiate the individuals is their ambition and their hard work to work towards their goals and dreams. Maria Cuomo emphasizes that despite the fact that America is a nation which is blessed and is termed a shining city in the hill, there are still some who are very disadvantaged compared to others. She states that the conservatism that President Reagan is advocating for is survival for the fittest and that Government cannot do everything. This she states is taking care of the rich to make them richer and to hope that the charity of the American people will cater for the less fortunate. Metaphorically what falls from the table will be enough for the middle class and those struggling to enter the middle class. She states that democracy principles are not stating things that the Government cannot achieve but is saying things that it will fulfill. The Government should be humanitarian in that it should not look at the struggles of the middle class and the lower middle class blindly but should try and help them in their struggles. She therefore advocates for a government that cares, that loves and is compassionate and is able to interfere in peoples lives. This interference should be in a manner that should decrease the suffering of the masses instead of just taking care of the few rich. She further states that democrats believe in the privacy of the individual but the openness of the government. The democrats are also against war because life is better than death. The government should therefore operate with an idea of family, mutuality, sharing of benefits and burdens for the good of all. It also should advocate sharing of another’s blessing reasonably, honestly, fairly, without racial segregation, or sex, or geography or political affiliation.

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