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Create a 12 page essay paper that discusses How to improve the integration of a poka yoke solution from the user perspective.Download file to see previous pages... Sissonen’s research based on the f

Create a 12 page essay paper that discusses How to improve the integration of a poka yoke solution from the user perspective.

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Sissonen’s research based on the fact that large-scale production systems usually employ mass customization processes and activities with large configurability, requiring highly sophisticated approach2. They argue that lack of mistake-proofing or low level of mistake-proofing can result in too many or severe quality issues in mass production systems. However, Da Silveira, Borenstein and Fogliatto argued that it should also be noted that mass customization cannot be adopted for all types of products, processes or consumers3. The ability to identify reasons for mass customization is important from managerial perspective in order to reinforce predictability of demand, which will eventually spell the success of the product/business. Kaplan, Schoder and Haenlein built their research on Frank and Piller’s proposition that mass customization from a consumer’s perspective has critical implications for managers and the business because this decision usually depends on two factors: the value customers gain by using a mass customized product relative to their needs, and secondly, the returns of a process design that gives optimum results4. Squire et al.’s point that highlights price, quality and technical attributes as the most probable value-creating criteria that determine the need and demand for mass-customized products and processes is indicative of the need for mistake-proofing. Mistake-proofing therefore adds great value to the effectiveness of mass-customization in terms of profits, quality, and business growth5. Examples of mistake-proofing in mass-customization6: a) Machinery with warning lights to highlight improper positioning or usage of parts. b) A device to count the number of holes drilled in a work piece to indicate correct/incorrect number of holes drilled. c) Double verification of passwords in IT systems. d) Signals to indicate open or improperly closed doors in cars etc. e) Automated checking and saving Microsoft Office documents. These examples indicate the application of mistake-proofing in mass-customization from product, process, and consumer perspectives. Evans highlights Chase and Stewart’s point that mistake-proofing in mass-customization for services sector should account for both customers’ and service providers’ activities7. Mistake-proofing methods must be set up for various activities involved in providing a particular service, which is characteristic of service industry. For instance, a banking service might provide various facilities to their customers for the same product, like withdrawal of money from ATM, direction transaction with bank, phone, cheque book etc. each of these multiple service options will require efficient mistake-proofing techniques to prevent errors, frauds and losses. Although the error-free activity is the responsibility of the bank, its liaison with manufacturing units is inevitable and the mistake-proofing techniques provided in some of these services are usually fixed by the manufacturers. For instance, for ATM machines to indicate error/fraud, mistake-proofing tools, such as warning lights/signals, need to be incorporated during its manufacturing process. According to Swaminathan, factors in general that necessitate or support mass customization obviously include large scale production and predictable demand, similar products, similar processes, and cost-reduction8.

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