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Create a 12 page essay paper that discusses Smoking ban in London Parks.Download file to see previous pages... To alter this, there is the need to ban smoking from all public places, including the par

Create a 12 page essay paper that discusses Smoking ban in London Parks.

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To alter this, there is the need to ban smoking from all public places, including the parks that are in London. This will begin to assist with the problems with pollution while ensuring that others aren’t affected by the harmful substances of cigarettes. Aims The aim of this specific project will be to ban the smoking that is currently in public areas, specifically which is occurring in places such as parks and areas where children and youth are. The aim achieve will be based on providing assistance for health among those who are exposed to the cigarette smoke while offering an alternative to those who are conscious of the environment and aren’t interested in the complexities smoking leads to with the environment and health. By banning the smoking in London public parks, there will be further opportunities for better health and initiatives for environmental awareness in the community. Methodology To ban the smoking in public areas, there will first need to be a focus on the parks and the governance which creates the main policies within the area. The policies will need to consist of fines or other consequences if individuals are caught smoking in the parks, as well as agreements on how to initialize consequences to stop the smoking in the public areas. The ban that will take place will then need to be followed by ways to communicate this to the public through press releases, marketing campaigns and initiatives that will support the policy on stopping public smoking in the outdoor areas in London. Background The current changes with smoking in public areas began in 2002 in the United States with the initiative to stop public smoking in bars, restaurants and work areas. This led to a nation wide ban which supported the initiative to stop smoking, specifically with academic leads which showed that smoke – free workplaces led to better options for health, working and habits for those within a given area. The main ideal was to create a space in which non – smokers were protected from passive smoking, specifically with evidence which led to the health problems which were stimulated with second hand smoke. This was combined with the environmental problems of not having fresh air within the buildings and the ways in which this could harm the health of those that were located in an area where there were smoking bans (Fichtenberg, Glantz, 2002). The smoking ban which was first initialized was tested in several areas, specifically to see if this resulted in changes with health and from those which were said to be affected through second hand smoke. It was found after the first smoking bans were initialized that admittance into hospitals for complexions such as coronary heart disease began to rapidly decline. This decreased from an average of 47% to 39% within a year, showing a difference in the amount of health issues, specifically which related to the smoking ban and the monitoring of health effects of those who were being affected by the environmental smoking and the complexities which it had for those with severe health problems (Khuder, Milz, Jordan, 2007). Another study which was initiated after the smoking ban was conducted on the environmental health and the air pollution which was a part of each of the areas.

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