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Create a 12 page essay paper that discusses TBD.Download file "TBD Essay" to see previous pages... Shareholders are said to be key as they contribute to the investment of the company and influence the

Create a 12 page essay paper that discusses TBD.

Download file "TBD Essay" to see previous pages...

Shareholders are said to be key as they contribute to the investment of the company and influence the economic growth of the company. Every shareholder of the Stirling Bridge company gets a dividend of the profit gained by the concern. The Braveheart tools are the main profit earning tool of the Stirling Bridge company as they contribute 80% of the profit.

Employees are the superior stakeholders of the company. Employees work towards the objective of the company. The skilled metal workers of the Stirling Bridge Company manufacture power tools including the Braveheart tools and other light and heavy industrial machinery and thus they exert their sphere of influence in maximizing the profit.

Customers play a major role in the development of the organization as they are the consumers of the product produced by the company. The customers influence the company by giving feedbacks about the quality of the product.

The organization should get the approval of the government before commencing its productions. The concern should abide by the rules and the standard acts imposed by the Government. The Government has full authority to take legal action against the company if any of its activities harms the society.


Thus each of the stakeholders exercises their own influence in different areas of interest in the company thereby promulgating the production to a profitable extent.

2. How might the actions of Stirling Bridge, with respect to its Braveheart line of tools, be regarded more as a stakeholder approach as opposed to a strict shareholder approach and which of Lantos' types of Corporate Social Responsibility might be demonstrated by each of the actions taken

The objective of corporate governance centers is based upon two traditional views

Stakeholder Concept

Shareholder Concept

Stakeholder Concept:

A stakeholder is any individual or organization that affects or is affected by the activities of a business. They have a direct or indirect interest in the business, and may be in contact with the business on a daily basis, or may just occasionally. A major reason for increasing espousal of a Stakeholder Concept is the recognition that businesses are affected by the "environment" in which they operate. This concept suggests that while taking major decisions, the managers of a business should take into consideration, the responsibilities of all the groups and not only the shareholders group. The Stakeholder Values Perspective emphasizes responsibility over profitability. The principal stakeholders in any organization are:


Employees and Customers


Banks and Financial organizations

Shareholder Concept:

A shareholder or stockholder is any individual or organization that legally owns one or more shares in a company. Shareholders are the first stakeholders and their Value perspective emphasizes profitability over responsibility All the shareholders collectively own the company and they will be interested in their dividends and capital growth of their shares.

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