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Create a 17 pages page paper that discusses female authorship in the play tragedy of mariam.

Create a 17 pages page paper that discusses female authorship in the play tragedy of mariam. In most societies during the Twentieth Century, new ways of analyzing traditional gender roles have begun to evolve out of a variety of movements both within art and culture studies and communications. Semiotics or the study of signs has emerged as one of the most "powerful cultural analysis tools of the Twentieth Centuryā€¯. Semiotics has been used to document and support traditional gender roles within a variety of cultures. The signs of Husband and Wife respectively, have undergone huge ideological shifts in some parts of the world, however within American society, they still often used to represent a system of values and a distribution of power that has remained relatively unchanged despite recent eras of social progress. This is illustrated fairly well in the movie "Amores Perros" as the terms Husband and Wife are utilized throughout the movie as signs that represent and suggest traditional values and gender roles that are still based on signified characteristics from the time of the Conquistadors. The power of language and symbolism is often overlooked within societies trying to bring about major cultural changes, in areas that have long been dominated by traditional views. The signifiers and the signified are used as examples of traditional behavioral characteristics and belief systems that have not paralleled woman's advances within other areas of American society.&nbsp.In the "Tragedy of Mariam", I have chosen to observe the dynamics of "domestic politics" or challenging structures of familial authority, I am mainly concerned to place my analysis of Mariam in relation both to the representations of family ties which obvious the contemporary biographical account, The Lady Falkland: Her Life, authored by one of Cary's daughters, and to one of the key sources for Cary's play, Josephus's Antiquities of the Jews. These texts bear witness to the power of familial bonds not only to contextualize but also even to shape narratives of spousal relations.

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