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Create a 2 pages page paper that discusses graduate association in sourcing and procurement.

Create a 2 pages page paper that discusses graduate association in sourcing and procurement. Graduate Association in Sourcing and Procurement Accountability: Products and Studios Management: The individual is accountable for the studio and the products and requires being analytical and developing a good sourcing plan for the products and studios of Disney. Disney deals with a wide range of products and services, and this individual will need to work on all the projects and products of the company and ensure that the financing of all the products is in place.

Pricing and Price Management: The individual will also be accountable for the pricing of the products as well as the value based working. An analysis of the best and most effective method of pricing the goods is essential to help ensure that the pricing of the products is accurate and the customers do not end up paying extra. Also, all costs involved are value based and create value to the products and services.

Overall Improvement: The individual will also be responsible to ensure the overall improvements of the products and services and will need to work with other team heads to ensure that the needs of the stakeholders is met and adhered too.


Products and Studios Management: Develop the funding plans for the company and ensure that the company receives higher levels of discounts minimum of 15% - 20% and pays lowered levels of interest on the funds, i.e. almost pay only 10%.

Pricing and Price Management: Get all the costing and budgeting details and plan the prices keeping in mind the various possible changes in the environment and the changes in terms of choice. This can be based on the trends of the markets and the historical data.

Overall Improvement: Ensure that the shareholders receive a higher rate of return on their investments. Currently the company provides 10.3% on the return on equity (MSN Money, 2010). This can be increased to 12%. In terms of the employees make sure that the employees are paid based on their work and this will help keep a tab on the costs of the company as well.


Products and Studios Management: Reduce the costs by 5%-6% by the end of financial year and work towards making all costs as value adding.

Pricing and Price Management: Develop a value based process within the end of financial year and ensure that the prices are reduced by almost 2-3%.

Overall Improvement: Ensure that the shareholders and investors receive a return on investment of at least 12% of the following financial year.

Rating Performance

Rating the performance of an intern is highly strict and more focused and this rating is based on the hours worked. In the case of a traditional employee the rating is based on the hours worked along with the initiatives and the overall interaction and contribution of the person to the company. The rating of performance of a Disney employee is very different from that of any other industry as the processes and the working styles are very different and hence here in Disney the possible rating systems that might work may not work in other industries.

Disney’s Culture and Proposed Plans:

As known to many, the Walt Disney Company has first captured the attention of the children in the society (practically in America) to believe in things that are almost impossible through fairy tales (Kurtti, 1996). Through the idea of making the impossible happen, the Walt Disney Company has made a great approach in making the children believe that whatever they may dream of could come true as long as they put their faith in it.

Considering this, there is a clear possibility that the plans might be hindered as the main focus of the company is on creating larger than life experiences and to ensure that the children are able to feel the life in the characters created by Disney. Having said this, it is essential to note that cost cutting can be difficult in such situations. however it is possible to work towards development of value based operations.


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