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Create a 3 page essay paper that discusses How to plan a wedding.Download file to see previous pages... 1)Then, the prospective husband and wife should think carefully on the place where they are goin

Create a 3 page essay paper that discusses How to plan a wedding.

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Then, the prospective husband and wife should think carefully on the place where they are going to celebrate their wedding and book the wedding and reception sites. Afterwards, it is recommended to meet with the officiant of the wedding. Now is the time to be sure about rules and limitations concerning the ceremony and ceremony site.

On the next stage the couple should choose their wedding attendants (of course, together!) - their wedding celebration can be as big or small as they wish. Then they should make a guest list. As for me, the couple has to find the middle ground on the number of guests if their budget is restricted. It is often a problem for young bride and bridegroom to choose the most desirable guests in order to curb their expenses.

Then, future wife should select a dress and wedding outfit for the rest of the wedding party and discuss her decision with those whom she trusts the most. The next stage is planning pre-wedding parties, ceremony, reception and wedding journey - considering menus, decorations and music.

Finally, it is needed to find and employ vendors: wedding arranger, photographer, video specialist, caterer, florist and entertainment. But sometimes wedding coordinator are not needed, since it is possible to give this assignment to a close friend or parent. It is more reasonable to hire a caterer that provides everything the couple need, for instance, plates, glassware, table cloths.

"Some couples think that having a video is a waste of money. How many times will we actually watch it As necessary as still pictures are they cannot capture the mood, movement and sounds of your wedding day like a movie can. One of the biggest misconceptions is that you have a great memory and you'll remember everything about your day" (General tips on how to plan a wedding, but not go broke, par.9).

One more important notion is that it is important to take care of the paperwork, from ordering invitations to signing up with gift registries, since guests would be pleased to get an invitation signed personally by either bride or bridegroom - or both of them.

Also there are some pieces of advice, which might make planning easier. First of all, one should ask his or her parents before the planning stage for their participation.

Of course both prospective husband and wife should be kind to themselves and to each other, since this can be an exceptionally nerve-racking time.

To sum up, I'd like to sat that planning a wedding is more easier than it seems since it wedding day is a day of joy and happiness. The couple should ensure that they have included all aspects of the ceremony, such as guest list, site, date, time and the wedding service.

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