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Create a 3 page essay paper that discusses IT SYSTEMS MANAGEMENT COURSEWORK PART 2.Download file to see previous pages... The IT groups within the company are always working round the clock to put in

Create a 3 page essay paper that discusses IT SYSTEMS MANAGEMENT COURSEWORK PART 2.

Download file to see previous pages...

The IT groups within the company are always working round the clock to put in place architecture and tools which will support the company process. Delma SSS has implemented the Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) a technology which is meant to make re-orientation to their core technology that will ensure new consumption patterns are in place (Rajput 2000). Even though Service Oriented Software (SOA) has been used in the past to support data integration and system rationalization, SOA has been realized to provide a technical basis for the sake of business improvement processes of Delma SSS. SOA has characteristics that enhance simplification, flexibility, consistency, ease of change and encapsulation which are helpful in helping the IT department within Delma SSS implement constant improvements. The Service Oriented Architecture is quite valuable and its tools are fundamentally focused as it presents an atomic view of the functions and data that Delma SS supports. The only challenge is that the business manager with a list of services of which they may not know how to operate some of them in the efforts of the company to improve in the future (Footen &amp. Faust 2008). To help this challenge the SOA needs a partner in the equation to further improvements of the IT solutions. Delma SSS therefore integrates the Business process Management (BPM) technology to work in conjunction with the SOA for the sake of consistent improvement of the technological operations of the Company (Grembergen 2002). Business Process Management (BPM) is used by the company to enable their business teams to provide a competitive advantage when driving the improvement of operations of the company. The competitive advantage of Business Process Management (BPM) to aid SOA is realized through self sufficiency in terms of process discovery, better prioritization and requirement of the requests made to the technical teams. Furthermore, the BPM presents a more efficient environment for collaboration with the ability to drive requirements down in the SOA layer (Footen &amp. Faust 2008). With the projected revenue growth of the company by 45% in the next few years, Delma SSS decided that it needs to improve its core business processes for the support of a high revenue realization with low staffing growth. A simple functional architecture of what this process looks like is as shown:- The red side components of the figure represent the familiar elements of SOA. This IT component provides an architecture that gives room for rationalizing of data across all its multiple stores. Just apart from ensuring there is cost reduction, SOA provides a model for abstracting out system-specific calls (Footen &amp. Faust 2008). These services then are really better ways to expose and govern the hard-core IT assets so that they can be more easily consumed and therefore more easily re-used. The building of access to data as presented by the system means that a consolidation and dynamism specific underlying data structures and engines, this is not only easier now but in the future. SOA also provides the tools that technical teams will use to build out the services that implement a business process. However, at this point, technical teams need the input from their business counterparts about which events matter, who uses the specific business services and when.

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