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Create a 3 page essay paper that discusses This can be on any you have seen, that as to do with sociology,(really any about people, and socail problems ect.) (.Despite the friction between the Whites

Create a 3 page essay paper that discusses This can be on any you have seen, that as to do with sociology,(really any about people, and socail problems ect.) (.

Despite the friction between the Whites and Blacks, friendships developed among the major characters who initially showed dislike for each other. Respect for each other’s beliefs and principles became the foundations of such friendship. In addition, the social issue on education has also been portrayed in the film. In this paper, the social problems of racism, friction and hate crimes will be discussed in detail in the following paragraphs. Remember the Titans is a story of how a Black Coach made his football team composed of Black and White players, create a winning band that did not simply win a ballgame but has overcome the more important enemy which is racism especially in the 1970’s. Being transferred to Virginia as a football coach, Boone, played by Denzel Washington is not welcomed by the current coach he was about to displace, coach Yoast performed by Will Patton. As a Black personality who is tasked to replace a White coach and make him his assistant, Boone became an instant irritant to Yoast and his colleagues. Considering his circumstances, abilities, plans and family, Boone decides to stay despite the evident friction. As a result, the White students show their defiance against their new coach, rallying the team to harass him even during practice hours. Nevertheless, Boone proved to be unwavering. Calling Yoast aside, Boone makes clear his position and makes a deal with his assistant for them to work together instead of getting on each other. With the issue resolved, the team goes to Gettysburg for their final rehearsals before the start of the games. Nevertheless, the group has to first witness the intensity of the racial divide between the Whites and Blacks. The White parents who were sending off their children to the camp showed obvious madness over the fact that their children will be playing with Black kids. On the other hand, the Black parents looked at the Whites with sheer dislike for their attitudes. In the bus, Boone mixes the Black and White players and suggested that they should learn to like each other because the same arrangements will be made in the camp. Problems arise as the Blacks tried to fight for their rights while the Whites claim what they think are rightfully theirs. Amidst the friction, Boone always finds ways to make his teammates talk and come to like each other. Finally, he brings the team to Gettysburg and makes a dramatic speech about the lives lost in the Battle there. Although changes were not instantaneous, they came as a result of the undying desire of Boone to unite his team. Consequently, the star players, Julius Campbell, played by Wood Harris and Bertier, acted by Ryan Hurst, become friends. The two prove to have a strong bond as shown by the care and respect they shared for each other. Similarly, the Boone family and Yoast, with his daughter, become friends as well. As a result, the team went home with renewed perceptions toward each other and their races. Nevertheless, the outside world they were returning to were still to test the bonds that have been formed. Through the games, the team showed a united spirit as they proved to have been well-trained. Through hard work, determination, character and teamwork, the football team won their games and became qualified for the state championship which they triumphantly won despite the pains Yoast went through, fighting for his team and losing

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