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Create a 32 page essay paper that discusses 'The recruitment and retention of transformational leaders: a case study of an independent charity'.Download file to see previous pages... People, young and

Create a 32 page essay paper that discusses 'The recruitment and retention of transformational leaders: a case study of an independent charity'.

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People, young and old all are looking for companies that can give them high job satisfaction whether that is with or without the suitable financial compensation package. Managers of today try to incorporate a sense of transformational leadership into their managing styles as through various researches, it has been proven to increase the productivity of the employees and make them more interested in their jobs and giving their best to the company. The need to research However, one must actually investigate as to what kind of relationship exists between the company and the inclusion of transformational leaders. The biggest factors that must be considered here are what the marginal benefits of hiring such leaders would bring to the company. Although research may suggest a positive relationship in all cases, one has to understand that dynamics of every company are very different. Transformational leadership includes developing an attractive vision, together with the employees, and clearly strategy for its achievement. They must realize the vision through small planned steps and above all express confidence, decisiveness and optimism about the company employees achieving those targets and in turn making large profits for the company. These values are required by leaders at all company sizes and hence the positive relationship has some research to back it up. On the other hand, most companies rely on numbers such as Return on Equity, Shareholder wealth etc. to gauge the performance of managers and all the employees, these may not necessarily hold true for a charity organization where the maximum weight may be given to overall welfare created by the company. However, the most important aspect that one must consider when considering an independent educational charity, is how the organization can have a competitive edge over the other charitable institutions and the biggest one can come from have the best people. Affective leaders can always attract donations because they portray an image of professionalism and are able to affectively use the donations to gain the maximum out of the money. Transformational leaders must however have certain traits present in them that can actually benefit the organization and this must be tested at the time of recruitment so that their visions can be effectively transformed into success for the company. What Does a Transformational Leader look like? Before moving into the discussion on how to effectively recruit and retain transformational leaders, the need is required to determine what transformational leaders are all about? Bernard M. Bass, a distinguished professor of management and director of the Center for Leadership Studies, at the State University of New York at Binghamton, has carried out various studies to understand the concept of transformational leadership. In his article he defines the concept as “Superior leadership performance — transformational leadership — occurs when leaders broaden and elevate the interests of their employees, when they generate awareness and acceptance of the purposes and mission of the group, and when they stir their employees to look beyond their own self-interest for the good of the group.

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