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Need an argumentative essay on The reasons behind choosing creativity as the most core values of George Mason University. Needs to be 3 pages. Please no plagiarism.Download file to see previous pages.

Need an argumentative essay on The reasons behind choosing creativity as the most core values of George Mason University. Needs to be 3 pages. Please no plagiarism.

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Of this core values, creativity stands out as the most essential value, basing on the fact that I am a person who has a passion for creative things, ideas, and dislike routine tasks. I also like thinking widely and knowledge expansion is my goal. Very often, this value is taken for granted when people speak of creative works such as cooking, designing, art, and other tasks that evidently have to do with creating a tangible substance. Creativity to me is the core value that drives our daily activities. In being creative, one can take all that he or she knows, all that he did experience or thought of, all his beliefs, dreams, passions, and emotions. all is taken and reflected upon. Ultimately, such a person can come up with personal angle or a collection of ideas to develop a new skill. Reflecting upon all those likelihoods and taking the next step is what constitutes creativity. It means that we need creativity all the time, and thus, using the word creative specifically for individuals who come up with something that had not been in existence puts down or ignores one’s own creative power. Whether the other students desire most the other core values at George Mason University, creativity is inevitable in their learning and work experience. They will have to create some things in most endeavors. The reflections come up as a result of what an individual is familiar with in one approach or another. Any imagination and a reflection upon it depend on how far one dares to create something new or fresh. It is more desirable for students to go beyond their comfort zone and avoid sticking to their normal routines. With this in mind, it really does not matter what one does, but is great to see what he or she can do with what is already available. Immediately a person gets more conscience about this core value, he can see that it is a value that we interact with all the time. Creativity as an essential value can inspire us to initiate new ideas, since it is most probably the most vital human resource. Without it, there would be little or no progress and the same patterns would be repeated for ever. It is a unique value and if it is blocked or ignored, it will never exist in any other means thus losing it completely. To avoid this risk, it calls upon every individual to leave whatever he treasures most or finds comfort in, and go far away from such instincts to discover the wonders of his being. In fact it is better to have some new, wrong ideas than having no ideas at all. Creativity is part of human nature. The most creative individuals find ways around impediments since they do not see them as roadblocks but as opportunities. Being creative makes us expand our insights, which comes along with new techniques of resolving problems. Moreover, creativity embraces originality and brings about exclusive connections between ideas that seem disparate. It is about living life as an expedition into sporting and speaking out the extra-ordinariness of simple acts. It is actually true that the only way to make a person unique from the rest is how well he can think for himself, do what he likes most, what stimulates and challenges his mind everyday. Conclusion In each individual’s life, certain ideas and beliefs may matter most than others. Rating creativity, global community, integrity, team work, rigor, and diversity core values is a suitable way of matching a person’s work values with occupational characteristics.

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