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Create a 4 page essay paper that discusses Case description on Monsanto Company.Download file to see previous pages... The company is also at the forefront problems with genetically modified organisms

Create a 4 page essay paper that discusses Case description on Monsanto Company.

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The company is also at the forefront problems with genetically modified organisms in food. The company had been constantly attacked because of health concerns and company transparent. The media has been recently attacking the company because of their business practices that have raised public concern. thus impacting the performance of the company. Recently, there was an argument in the Supreme Court of America about cutting patent rights for the genetically modified seeds. The argument was between Bowman vs. Monsanto Company and the case was how Monsanto Company can control the Roundup Ready patent. Vernon Hugh Bowman, the Indian farmer presented the case to court arguing that he had discovered a loophole for a second and riskier crop in the growing season (Liptak 2013). Bowman argued that the Roundup Ready gene, which is a patent for the Monsanto Company was a threat to farmers. This patent was for the soybeans that the company patented, but it was also argued that the patent was likely to cause broader implications for many biotech products, as well as impact information technology products. The lawsuits over the patent rights for their seeds, which are distributed across the globe, were presented into the court. The farmer (Bowman) argued that Monsanto could not have sold their Roundup Ready soybeans to farmers because this patent and the progeny are exhausted (Mann, 2013). Additionally, the lawsuit pointed out every case that was presented to the court about Monsanto’s products. Many of the company’s patent dealt with varied issues affecting the company including the living organisms such as seeds, which sells replicates. Each case presented to the company contributed to another verdict. thus, it became apparent that some of the case rulings could impact the patent right of the company and humanity because of cloning effects. The company received a lot of pressure and this impacted their performance because it started producing little without caring the long-term impact on people. Customers stopped purchasing genetically modified seeds from Monsanto because of bad reputation of the company. This drastically contributed to fall of sales because of the troubles that the company was facing. For instance, the company fell from being one of the leading and best publicly traded companies across the globe, in 2010. This is because the company attempted to sell the premium products but they did not live up to the promised yield in corn crops. The company failed to show up their loyalty but a sense of being forced to buy products to continue business activities in own enterprises. The GMO (Genetically Modified Organisms) is one of the modified species that the company is presently producing in the market. These seeds are crop resistant because they can withstand bad weather, crop pests, weed and other hazards. This is one of the biotechnologies that have increased crop yields since it was invented, but the long-term impacts have not yet been recognized. However, some ecological risks have started evolving as the crop continues to intensify. Therefore, on November 6 2012, the Monsanto Company was again involved in proposition 37, which is a state law that attempted to pass laws regarding Genetically Modified Organism crops. Monsanto Company voted “No” to the statute because it is the largest business contributor.

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