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Create a 4 page essay paper that discusses REHAB/RECOVERING ADDICTS.Download file to see previous pages... Rehabilitations came to life since people saw a need of reducing the number of drug addicts i

Create a 4 page essay paper that discusses REHAB/RECOVERING ADDICTS.

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Rehabilitations came to life since people saw a need of reducing the number of drug addicts in the entire society. This was one of the wisest ideas as it geared to help bring up better leaders for the future. People now know their hope of getting their loved ones or family members sober is just a call away. However, recovering addicts are the people who need the rehabilitations’ services or help. However, there is a thin line between a rehabilitation counselor and a recovering addict. This is because many recovering addicts relate well with counselors that have been once addicts. These counselors often narrate their stories and negative impacts faced during their addiction period. In addition, many counselors are always prone to getting back to their old ways of lives if they do not keep on attending the recovering addicts sessions or classes (Chan 201). By this, they have many challenges that might lead them back to their old ways. however, they need to stand the challenges in order to be free from the addiction. Many rehabilitation centers painted in humble and warm colors portray a sense of peace to the rehabilitation addicts. They are always neat to ensure that drugs from outside would do not get to reach the rehabilitation center. ...

Additionally, in the interview, the interviewee was able to use words such as, “crystal meth, prescription pain pills,” which she understands better, as compared to the interviewer who had no experience in the field. Additionally, a few occupational terms were evident in the interview, though the interviewee got to elaborate more on what she was talking about. What words reappear? What are the language variations? In addition, words like addiction reappear many times during the interview process. This is because it was a rehabilitation center, and in these centers, they deal with addicts of every kind. Alcohol seemed like the most addictive drug. Additionally, this is evident because the interviewee keeps on talking about alcohol addiction and goes ahead in giving herself as a good example. On the other hand, the term “support” re-appears a couple of times. This is because the main way the interviewee used in helping her recovering addicts was by finding the addicts good support groups or by placing them in the programs they needed. this program included class schedules, attended by a counselor and his/her recovering addicts (Gideon 15). Additionally, “once an alcoholic always an alcoholic” appeared in different ways but still expressed the same meaning. This is because the interviewee kept on saying that the addicts would best relate to a counselor who has passed through the same path, even once or a couple of times. The addicts think that or know that by having such kinds of counselors they would understand those more and relate with them more. However, language variations entail speaking about the same thing but using different kinds of words each time.

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