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Create a 4 page essay paper that discusses The Differences Between Male and Female Subjects.Download file to see previous pages... The Stroop Test is a measure of ones mental “vitality and flexibili

Create a 4 page essay paper that discusses The Differences Between Male and Female Subjects.

Download file to see previous pages...

The Stroop Test is a measure of ones mental “vitality and flexibility”. (De Young, 2007) Directional attention is tested by asking a subject to manage their attention, “inhibit or stop a response in order to say or do something else”.(De Young, 2007).&nbsp. The Stroop test measures the ability to identify a color word first written in ink of that color (congruent), and then again with the color word written in another color (incongruent).&nbsp. Number of attempts, responses, and the quickness of the responses are measured.&nbsp. The Stroop effect was first identified by Dr. John Ridley Stroop.&nbsp. It was the topic of Dr. Stroop’s doctural thesis and was published in the Journal of Experimental Psychology in 1935.&nbsp. The Stroop effect is often taught to psycology majors as a first step in learning about psycological research.&nbsp. The Stroop Test has also been modified by researchers to allow the test to present different varibles in different ways.&nbsp.The purpose of this study is to measure the performance of both male and female subjects too see if there is a measurable difference in performance between the sexes.&nbsp. 2.&nbsp.MethodA.&nbsp. Study participants were college students who volunteered to take the test held at the college.&nbsp. The oldest participant was 42 and, although he was much older, his participation was included in the study.&nbsp. In some cases, a variable is so different than other variables that it would be thrown out.&nbsp. Most of the participants were in their late teens to early twenties.&nbsp. 29 participants were female (38%) and 46 participants were male (61%).&nbsp....

B. Apparatus-A computer with keyboard and mouse were used as the primary tool for testing. The Stroop test program presented the participants with color words presented in the same color as the word (congruent) for the first test. The second test presented color words in colors that did not match the word (incongruent). Participants were asked to complete both tests. The program recorded responses, whether the responses were correct or incorrect, and response speed. 3. Procedure The number of trials varied amongst participants. The average number of trials was 14.83 for the women and 15.59 for the men on the first test. The averages for the second test were 15.17 for the women and 14.47 for the men. Both male and female participants completed two tests: congruent and incongruent. All participants used the same equipment and were tested in a similar fashion. Results were recorded by the Stroop Test program on the computer. Participants did not practice prior to taking the first or second test. In effect, students were given the test "cold" rather than "warm" from practice. Results were evaluated using an Excel spreadsheet and statistical tools typically used in psychological studies (mean, standard deviation, t-test, variance etc). 4. Results The standard deviation is the "mean of the mean," and can help show the normal distribution of data. The mean is the average of the data set. The results for the first test include the Standard Deviation (SD) and are as follows: Female Congruent Test Male Congruent Test Mean Trials: 14.83 SD 2.39 Mean Trials: 15.59 SD 2.52 Mean Correct: 14.55 SD 2.53 Mean Correct: 15.48 SD 2.54 Mean Response: .86 SD .05 Mean Response: .999 SD .

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