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Create a 5 page essay paper that discusses Carbon Emissions.Download file "Carbon Emissions" to see previous pages... It has plans of using the latest science to be able to reduce the percentages of t

Create a 5 page essay paper that discusses Carbon Emissions.

Download file "Carbon Emissions" to see previous pages...

It has plans of using the latest science to be able to reduce the percentages of the gas that is daily being emitted. By the year 2030, it hopes that it would have been able to reduce the percentage by 60%. (Grubb, 1989) However, the consumers' lifestyle in the U.K. has also contributed to the increase of carbon emissions.

Being the director of communications for carbon trust, I would want to see that these levels go down and that the problems caused by carbon emissions are managed.

The problems associated with carbon emissions are many. This is why I want to look for a Public Relations consultancy firm that will be able to educate U.K. citizens about the dangers of emitting a lot of carbon in the atmosphere. Carbon emission is the major cause of global warming. This results due to greenhouse effect and it is a detrimental and the worst thing that can ever occur. The accumulation of carbon in the atmosphere causes temperatures to rise by approximately 3.6 F.

Consumers' lifestyles in the U.K. have really played a major role in the increase of carbon that is emitted daily to the atmosphere. There are some things that they need to be warned about if the level is to go down. 40% of the carbon is produced by vehicles. The citizens have not been using environment friendly forms of transport. To start with, vehicles are owned by almost everybody. Journeys by public vehicles would reduce 90% of the emissions that is caused when everyone uses their personal vehicles. (Fraser, 1994). Then, the exhaust emissions of the vehicles are not made in such a way that it can limit the amount of exhaust fumes released. The more the exhaust fumes being released, the more the level of the emission of carbon dioxide to the air. The fuels they use produce a lot of carbon. It has been noted that the use of petrol as fuel contributes to large amounts of carbon emission. If alternative fuels are sought and the citizens encouraged using these, then there would be up to 75% reduction in the amount of carbon that would be emitted to the atmosphere. Fuels such as ethanol have been proven to produce low levels of emissions. Therefore, it would be prudent enough for the citizens to adopt this type of fuel. The government wants to come up with a program that will enable filling stations to be able to lease out electric car batteries to car owners.

Citizens of the U.K also use the heating system, which has been known to emit some levels of carbon. (Rose, A. et al, 1998). This fact has been discussed in meetings organised by the government. It was decided that the heating system was mainly used because of the poor standards of the houses that the people lived in. Therefore, the government set up a policy that required all landlords to build houses up to standards that do not require any heating system. This was in the faith that it will help towards reducing the levels of carbon emission. The use of garden floodlights and incandescent light bulbs have been on the increase in the U.K. These are also responsible for the carbon emission.

These causes of carbon emission are not known by most of the people in the U.K. A lot of people contribute to the levels of carbon emission without knowing. Therefore, this calls for an introduction of some channels through which the relevant information can reach them.

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