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Write a 11 page essay on Passive Consumerism.Download file to see previous pages Immediately, they know which fashions are in and which are out. They see the colours and trends on splashy, popular web

Write a 11 page essay on Passive Consumerism.

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Immediately, they know which fashions are in and which are out. They see the colours and trends on splashy, popular websites. They find out very quickly what they should be wearing and what they shouldn't.

A time-honoured tradition used by the fashion industry to set trends and market their designs has been to work with famous people to model their clothes. With the advent of such shows as MTV and other music shows, the multiplicity of award shows, the public is barraged with a plethora of designs to choose from. However, the ultimate message from the fashion industry is. "if a famous person wears this - it must be cool and therefore you must have it too!" As author, Anne Paxton1 writes in a savvy Internet article. "Everyone from Gloria Swanson and Marilyn Monroe, to Audrey Hepburn and Grace Kelly have helped fashion influence the public, but the media craze over celebrities is hotter than ever before. TV and movies have taken center stage when it comes to both entertainment and fashion. Magazines spend endless ink on what Madonna and Jennifer Lopez wear to award shows." Paxton even suggests that this marketing strategy may well end the need for models to strut their stuff on the catwalks. This strategy proves to be a win-win situation for both the fashion industry and celebrities as they cash in on the free items that various designers throw their way.

Another specific strategy used by the fashion industry is online advertising. The use of the Internet involves several strategies which include: creating an online version of a print magazine, banner ads (ads placed on specific sites for greater exposure) and well-placed photographs and articles about the fashion industry. According to an industry report on the Internet and marketing strategies by women's magazines, "The Internet has become a billon-dollar business.." This article also reports that according to Nielsen Net Ratings, more American women use the Internet than men at a rate of 51% - 49%. It goes on to say. "Women online readers in the United States tend to visit general interest sites on the Internet, such as shopping sites, beauty sites, and health sites. Therefore, magazines discovered the Internet several years ago as another method to better serve the customer since magazines. ' By targeting the large numbers of women who regularly participate in online activity, fashion magazines that maintain an Internet presence provide themselves with continuous, free advertising. It is an extremely effectively strategy to " [] offer other information, such as press releases or news that relates to the company or to their industry, or provide information about special events that relate to the company to their industry."

In addition to using the Internet and celebrity culture as a marketing strategy, the fashion industry also creates markets by following sociological. One current trend that is strongly influencing the fashion industry is the notion that 'plus-size women' are a huge, new market for them. According to an industry analysis by UK expert, Marcella Marcheso2 the plus size market is growing in the fashion industry although until recently it was a bit of an afterthought. There was a limited range of available styles, and little to no trendy clothes.

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