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Create a 5 pages page paper that discusses performance appraisals at head office.

Create a 5 pages page paper that discusses performance appraisals at head office. Before moving into the main aims and objectives of performance appraisals, it is essential to gain a brief idea of performance appraisals.

Performance appraisal was started as a simple method to provide income justifications, i.e. to explain if the salary drawn by an individual was justified or not based on their performance (Lawrie, 1990). This was a consideration since the human tendency to judge others work and performance created a lot of problems related to the motivation, ethics, legal ruling etc. at workplaces. To ensure that the appraisal systems were just, lawful, fair and accurate, performance appraisal was introduced. The process was linked to the material outcomes, i.e. if an employee’s performance is to less than ideal then there would be a cut in pay, however if the performance was better than the ideal level set by the supervisor, then there would be a rise in pay. Performance appraisal is a very essential part of employment. There are several reasons for performance appraisals to be conducted. As mentioned earlier, human tendency is to judge how a person is performing at the job and to try to evaluate if the ideal level of performance is met up to (Runion, Brittain, 2006). To understand performance appraisal better it is essential to focus on the elements that are taken care of by performing appraisals.

The main aims and objectives of conducting performance appraisals on a regular basis are to assist the employer provide the employee with feedback and advice on how to improve in areas that require correction (Mohrman, et.al., 1989). This is the best way to communicate any strength the employees have and also to discuss the weaknesses and provide possible solutions. Since most of the performance appraisals are very open and it allows employees to rate their supervisors as well. This allows a better understanding and better relationship among the employer and employee.

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