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Create a 6 page essay paper that discusses Care of the Person with Diabetes.Download file to see previous pages In this case there has been a changing approach in the management of the disease both at

Create a 6 page essay paper that discusses Care of the Person with Diabetes.

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In this case there has been a changing approach in the management of the disease both at home and in the hospital. Unlike in the past where patients were tied to a lifetime of use of insulin the management of the disease has been improved and some patients can use the insulin for a short time and with improved management of the disease, they can stop using the insulin for the time the condition seems stable. This management has been archived through the use of diet and exercise. (Carr, 2001)

One of characteristics of type II diabetes is the gain in weigh unlike in type 1 diabetes. Type II diabetes usually occurs from 14 years and one of the predisposing factors to the condition is obesity and overweight. This is a condition where there is excess fat that is concentrated around the waist and the abdominal origins. (Wasko, 2007)

This abdominal fat is usually active normally and it secrets a number of hormones or the adipose kinase which have been shown to impair with glucose tolerance of the body. 55% of all the patients with type II diabetes have been diagnosed with obesity. However the occurrence of the disease has also been linked to aging and family history of the condition. Abdominal fat and other body reserve fats usually result from increased consumption of calories which leads to a positive energy balance in the body. Cousins, 1997) However there is usually consumption of more calories than the body requires and therefore there is excess energy that is stored as fat in the body. Body fats are accumulated in many parts of the body but the abdominal organs remain one of the favourable sites to store these fats. Overweigh individual usually experience a lot of complication with debates being one of the complications. Overweight in diabetes makes the management of the disease complicated and therefore is usually important to check on the weight from time to time. But loosing weigh remains one of the most effective ways to treat the disease. (Langer, 2002. Bailey, 1995)

NIDDM is linked with development of other complications which actually comes due to the obese condition. It progresses to renal failure due to the diabetic nephropathy. It may also progress to vascular disease or the coronary disease which are closely linked with overweight and obesity. (Stratta, 1998) Diabetic retinopathies may lead to impairment of vision while diabetic neuropathy may lead to loss of sensation. There have also been a number of liver damages which is associated with non-alcoholic steatohepatitis which can also be caused by diabetes. (Babcock, 2004)

Management of the diseases

In the past there have been more emphasise of the condition with us of hypoglycaemic drugs which have been helping the body to cope high blood sugar or hyperglycemias. Oral ant diabetic drugs have been the primary way that has been used in order to treat the condition and in extreme cases patients also put on insulin injections. (Brown, 2000)

In the beginning insulin production is impaired in the condition and therefore ant diabetic drugs like sulfonylurea can be used to improve the condition. This also helps to regulate inappropriate release of glucose by the liver and at that same time attenuate insulin resistance although this is to some extent.

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