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Create a 6 page essay paper that discusses History of group therapy.Download file to see previous pages... Individuals in the group therapy have the advantage of using both the therapist as well as th

Create a 6 page essay paper that discusses History of group therapy.

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Individuals in the group therapy have the advantage of using both the therapist as well as the other member of the group to share the problems that one has and attempts to find a solution to them. This is particularly because the members in each group are at different levels of coping with the situational difficulties and are doing so at different rates as well. When an individual observes how the others in the group cope with sufferings that they undergo, they gain hope and inspiration of enduring and overcoming the hardships. The use of group therapy emerged because of a feeling by several psychologists that many problems that individual faced in their daily undertakings were social in nature. Patients suffering from a similar disease were encouraged to group together to provide each other with mutual support. Such groups developed into social work groups at different social centers. These would later develop into the present support group by different development agencies. Managing post-traumatic stress disorders Human beings have a unique nature when it comes to handling personal issues. One common scenario that is witnessed in any emerging therapy group is that every new member feels isolated and completely different from the others in the group. These beginners have a problem in developing good relations with the others in the group and that spirit of love is completely withdrawn from them. However, if the group therapy is effectively carried out, such emotions can be completely drained from the minds of these individuals. An effective group therapy will enable these individuals to understand that they are not very different from the others and that they are not actually desperate and lonely, as they believe. The abuses to which females are subjected during their childhood and at adult age do have along-term impact on their psychosocial development. Those who have had childhood sexual abuse and adult sexual assault often exhibit different kinds of psychiatric problems that are believed to be associated to these assaults. Posttraumatic stress disorders (PTSD) refer to the overall effect of both childhood and adult sexual distress that are believed to cause the psychiatric problems seen in such females. The situation results in poor regulation, attention, relations with others, as well as how one understands oneself. The condition is hard to manage owing to its complexity and the long period before a treatment is provided after the sexual abuse. It is because of the complexity in the kind of healthcare that these individuals need that use of group therapy ha been adopted. However, some clinicians propose that the group therapy be conducted only after an individual therapy. Armstrong and Rose (1997) carried out an investigation on how group psychotherapy could be effective in managing the posttraumatic disorders that affect members of a family (p1). They observed that therapy enables women to perceive their roles in the societal context. It was also observed that the females that were adopting the so-called feminist principles carried on well with their marital partners. It enabled them to remove the traditional perception on their roles in the society thereby promoting an unrestricted relationship (Armstrong &amp. Rose 1997, p5).

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