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Create a 6 pages page paper that discusses a critical analysis of kevin costners.

Create a 6 pages page paper that discusses a critical analysis of kevin costners. Costner, in his opening paragraph, gives the audience the setting and the mood that the loss had put them into. He begins his speech with his face set to his left, which implies that he is checking with the memory side of his brain. His words follow true to this as he confirms that he wrote down the speech so as not to forget anything. That notwithstanding, he seems unsure whether what he has written down is everything he would have wanted to share. This is made evident when he severally shifts his gaze from left to right and back, as he tries to keep his face down. Note that at this point he has not started reading. The face-down cue is also a sign of the somber mood he is in, and can thus be interpreted as signifying grief.

While giving the introduction part, Costner generally uses a low tone. This helps set the mood that marks the occasion. However, the moment he approaches the onset of the story, he uses a raised voice to bring the audience back into the story, away from the sadness that seems to have covered the place. The phrase “So what am I talking about here?” is a perfect instance when he raises his voice to achieve this objective. He articulately delivers the theme of his speech. that of taking the audience back in time when they were still growing up, and uses trivial body movement and surly facial expression, to bring out the idea that however funny the stories might seem, they are a reflection on the life of the departed soul.

Costner also utilizes the art of posing between sentences, especially when the phrases are emotive, or when he wants the audience to process and understand what he has just mentioned, and perhaps give applause as a sign of approval. For instance, when he says that both Whitney and he grew up in a Church, he poses for the applause and laughter that follows, this enables the reader to understand that they were brought up in the ways of the Church, and not within the Church confines as the literal meaning may carry.

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