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Write 8 pages with APA style on Health and Safety Plan for Construction Project.

Write 8 pages with APA style on Health and Safety Plan for Construction Project. Taking the employer's liability insurance and displaying the certificate in a location where every employee can easily see. Undertaking this action that every employer and the health and safety department is aware of the cover and can take necessary action in case an accident occurs.

The management team would be responsible for careful consideration of the competency of the personnel selected in the maintenance of the health and safe of the people. Several factors such as communication ability and experience play a vital role in the selection of the health and safety management team. Qualification documents and available facilities are crucial in the consideration of the team

The team would also ensure risk assessment or rather determine the possible risks that are likely to be faced by the people on the site. The assessment is done by professionals who follow certain criteria considering the site of construction, skills of workers involved, and the facilities. The action helps in prior preparation for the possible risks and taking measures to avoid the risks as much as possible. The risks in this area are high considering the people around are mostly unskilled and thus can be easily exposed to danger. The use of precast concrete helps in reducing the exposure to risks of the people due to factors such as time constraints and space availability for the construction process. The risk of an individual being hurt is also reduced by the provision of safety facilities in terms of helmets and reflector jackets.

The health and safety team also ensures the provision of the welfare facilities considering such a project will take time before completion. The welfare facilities include things such as washbasins, toilets, and clean water for drinking. Most of the time skilled and unskilled workers on the site tend to have their lunch on site. Lack of proper sanitation systems can lead to contamination of food and thus lead to sickness.

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