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Create a 6 pages page paper that discusses critical reflection on the use and understanding of sen data.

Create a 6 pages page paper that discusses critical reflection on the use and understanding of sen data. Thankfully, SEN is very well-regulated in English law and every child – including those in independent schools – is covered equally”(Summersgill, 2009). Data are used to analyze and monitor the academic, social and behavioral progress of these children with special needs. It is a basic component of special education and it is necessary to measure the effectiveness of therapies applied to the student with special needs. SEN Data is an important aspect of the educational process. There are various ways a co-coordinator can collect data to assess the progress of the students. One type of data is student performance data in which data comprise information on individual students. They include information on school previously attended, courses are taken, scores attained, current classroom assessments, grades, diagnostic assessment, programs enrolled in, participation in projects and extracurricular activities of the students, etc. The program for special educational needs is conducted in schools at all levels. SENCO approaches schools and collect data and study them exclusively to benefit the students.

Data is a very crucial element in the Special Education Need program. It allows the student performance appraisal and assists in the progression of the educational standard of the student.“Data are raw ingredients from which statistics are created”(Erickson).Data are produced and collected in various ways and also used by different parties like teachers, SEN coordinators, and Government officials. Teachers analyze the data in order to improve the learning capacity of the students. The primary subject of data is dominating student and their learning process.

Even though students are the focus of the process it also includes people who support students in the learning process. These are teachers, principals, parents, school management, school communities, etc. The sources of data can be various like simple observations, questionnaires or surveys.

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