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Create a 8 page essay paper that discusses Definig Terrorrism and Victims of Terrorism.Download file to see previous pages... For Amanda Todd, the writer describes how she was harassed and bullied onl

Create a 8 page essay paper that discusses Definig Terrorrism and Victims of Terrorism.

Download file to see previous pages...

For Amanda Todd, the writer describes how she was harassed and bullied online, a fact that forms a fundamental basis for the whole story by showing the source of Amanda’s woes. Carol Todd, the mother of the deceased girl, is also introduced by the narrator describing her motherly and caring nature towards her daughter. The writer of the story foreshadows a problem that largely affects the progress of the story in its orientation. The narrator states that, “The mother of a teenager who died Wednesday of suspected suicide wants her daughter’s anti-cyber-bullying video to be used to help other young people.” This signals that the teenager was cyber bullied to an extent that she made a video about it. This information is not expressly stated by the writer but it is rather implied thus this foreshadow captures the reader earlier on in the story. From the orientation, the narrator heads on to complicate the story by introducing a problem and uncertainty as to what might happen is created. The writer tells us why Amanda posted a video in which she documents her painful story of how an embarrassing photo of her was circulated and she was bullied about it and later beaten up. This forced her to change schools and make an attempt on her life by drinking bleach, which was another source for her misery. Her harassers continued to torment her on her suicide attempt which complicates the story. This part of the story creates a bit of tension as it is unclear as to what might happen to Amanda. The writer later on states that, “In a message accompanying the video post, Amanda added: “I’m not doing this (video) for attention. I’m doing this to be an inspiration and to show that I can be strong.”” This somehow shows that the problem is heading for a possible...

This discourse aims to demonstrate and analyze the coherent and continuous story with regard to its purpose and meaning and its social practice defined by the environment’s social structures. This analysis brought about the issue of cyber bullying and the effects it had on a teenage girl who took her own life. This story is purposeful to the society as it affects all members of the society since everyone could be the victim, related to a victim, a perpetrator or even the savior of a victim. This story aims to analyze the options available to everyone in society regarding this issue.

The article involves a lot of research on the issue at hand for it to be well read. The writer must conduct interviews with the specific people mentioned in the article so as to find out information regarding Amanda, cyber bullying and any other information relevant in this story. The writing of the article must be approved by the editor of the newspaper and the go ahead given for it to be published. The creative part of narrating the story incorporates a lot of detail and it might take time to put together the article. The story might be handwritten then typed for it to be published in the newspaper or straight away typed using a typewriter or computer. Therefore, for the story to reach its intended readers, a lot of effort goes into the creative process, research bit, and the eventual publishing side of things. This is a post-positivist exercise since it is against positivism. For positivists, the researcher and the researched person are independent of each other. On the other hand, post-positivists argue that theories, knowledge and background of the researcher can influence what is observed.

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