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I will pay for the following essay : Untouchable India. The essay is to be 4 pages with three to five sources, with in-text citations and a reference page.Download file to see previous pages... Howeve

I will pay for the following essay : Untouchable India. The essay is to be 4 pages with three to five sources, with in-text citations and a reference page.

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However, even within the Untouchables there is still a class status and the washers that do laundry were the lowest group, receiving only left over food for payment. They are dependent on others and cannot go to their own land to do something else. Supposedly, discrimination is illegal in India and has been for over 50 years but this low class is treated like slaves. Some are indebted to people already and were paid in advance so are contracted basically for life to work or else find some other way to pay it back. They are basically slaves for these people. There are a million child labor workers that work, often seven days a week for long full day shifts and they all come from poor families. The only hope is that the children will ever become educated and break out. CONFLICT A major theme of this short video, “Untouchables? -India” was that of conflict in which the elitists controlled the poor or weak caste system within the country. There is an obvious struggle between classes here as the elite controls many of the possible job opportunities that the untouchables have access to. Since it is believe that through India's major religion of Hinduism that people who were bad in a previous life were reincarnated as lower class citizens in the caste system, it would violate and “disgrace” the religion. Unfortunately that is the circumstances the people have to deal with. When looking at the issues of the untouchable people, the laws in India said that discrimination was illegal in the 1940s. However, discrimination still exists. The people within the different caste systems definitely reinforce discrimination as well. The poor people have limited access to where they can work. The conflict perspective as demonstrated in this video is that the lower class will never overcome their stereotype. They are born into this part of the caste system and their children are born into it. The government and other members of higher caste system levels refuse to help these people to do anything other than just survive all the while, treating them as slaves. Inevitably, this lower class system has no control over their own lives. Even children are forced into dangerous, difficult labor, working seven days a week to pay off their paid advance when they began working. It does not matter the circumstance, they are always at work unless there is some sort of national celebration. The lowest of low are laundry washers and they come from generations of laundry washers before them. There are others who work in rock quarries. The class above them who own the quarries pay them money in advance and often consider it a loan. While the workers are in debt to their boss, they are paid in minimal wages such as an example of $2.40 per week. This is barely enough to pay to feed their children and since they are already lower class citizens, there is no way they can find a way out of their “slavery.” These bosses claim that the workers are free to go at any time. However, because these workers have no other opportunities, there is no way for them to escape their job. The bosses only pay them enough to barely get by and not enough to save.

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