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Create a 8 page essay paper that discusses Do not need to divide it.Download file to see previous pages... If it is used to store an account object, it is known as the domain container. In certain cas

Create a 8 page essay paper that discusses Do not need to divide it.

Download file to see previous pages...

If it is used to store an account object, it is known as the domain container. In certain cases it is used to indicate the Windows structure by means of the concerned directory. (Schmidt 2008) The domain structure has gone through various changes and the environment and structure of Windows has changed when compared to the past. The domain structure depends on the operating system and hence the domain structure must be modified each time the operating system is changed. Windows domain is completely different from that of other operating systems. Initially domains had the ability to store the user accounts pertaining to a company. But this often led to problems related to data access, since the company in a different city was deprived of its chances to access the required data. (Tiensivu 2008) In this stage, Microsoft altered the usage of domains by introducing domain trusts that helped in the easy access of data. The domain trusts help the employees to access the data only if they are directed form a trusted domain source. In this case, the domain which allows the access is known as trusting domain. In the initial stages of development, domains were individual components that were isolated from each other. The changes in the Windows environment changed the entire structure of domain and created a separate structure for these domains. The Windows NT domain structure is completely different from that of Windows 2000, 2003 or 2008. (Posev 2007) The use of domains does not end with database account management. instead they are also used for resource management. The domain structure includes domain controllers and domain name spaces. Domain names are initialized by the Domain Name Servers (DNS) which acts as an intermediary between the systems in a network. The use of domains and their structure varies according to the operating system. (Comer 2006) Domain Structure The domain structure is composed of several domains where they are considered in a hierarchical pattern. The domains are grouped into a single tree with a root domain. Even a single domain can be made into a tree by including the sub domains from other systems. If the numbers of domains are more, then they are treated as a forest where the first domain is known as forest root. The domain trusts also form a part of the domain structure. In simple terms domain trusts are described as the relationship between two different domains. (McNab 2007) The trust relationship might be either one way where one domain permits the users to access another domain, or two ways where users have the accessibility to both the domains involved in the trust relationship. Role of Domain Structure Windows 2008 allows both one way and two way trust relationship between the domains. In this way it is advantageous, since the users can have an access to both the databases. Cross link, transitive and explicit are the other types of trust relationships that can be established between the domains. The next important aspect of domain structure is the domain controller. The domain member of a tree can be made as a domain controller by specifying certain commands. This domain controller manages the other domains in the system. It ensures that the domains perform their operations in a proper manner. (McClure 2009) Windows operating system uses Primary Data Controller(PDC) (McNab, 2007) which controls the entire operations of the domains included in the system structure.

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