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Hi, need to submit a 1000 words essay on the topic Psychology.Download file to see previous pages... In addition, teenage pregnancies lead to joblessness and lack of hope for the future. Most girls wh

Hi, need to submit a 1000 words essay on the topic Psychology.

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In addition, teenage pregnancies lead to joblessness and lack of hope for the future. Most girls who got pregnant at an early age could not complete their education (Rathus, Nevid &amp. Fitcher, 2011). Without education, young girls like you cannot get any meaningful employment. The rest of the coming years in life will be spent in absolute poverty. Further, teenage mothers often experience lots of problems. Some of the problems likely to be encountered involve physical, emotional and intellectual problems at school. Most of your classmates view pregnant teenagers as having no morals (Bolin &amp. Whelehan, 2005). In adolescent period, it is normal to experience sexual feelings towards boys. At this stage, several hormonal changes are taking place in the body. The body is becoming sexually active and mature. However, you should know that all these changes are taking place to prepare the body for reproduction during marriage (Rathus, Nevid &amp. Fitcher, 2011). Your mother’s anxiety is of help to you. Mother is anxious because she doesn’t want her young daughter to be pregnant. Pregnancy and sex at adolescent stage is of more harm. There are no benefits of sex at adolescent stage. Mother is concerned because of how friends and relatives will view her. She will think that you lacked adequate parenting. Apart from dropping out of school, teenage sex may also lead to sexually transmitted infections. Abstinence until marriage is the best way you can ensure that AIDS and pregnancy are prevented (Rathus, Nevid &amp. Fitcher, 2011). Counseling session two (Tom and Susan) Sexual drive normally decreases as one grows older. However, in some cases, sexual appeal has increased as one grows older. At this time, orgasm is the most important part of sexual satisfaction in couples. Sexual activity among the old is determined both by physical and psychological changes. Older people normally have the capacity to respond sexually. However, physical changes do occur. These physical changes should not be viewed as being abnormal. Couples should find how to cope with the situation. In addition, couples should understand that most problems arising due to physical changes of sexual organs can be prevented by changing expectations. Couples can also make behavior changes so as to accommodate aging (Hill, 2007). Several changes take place as couples grow into old age. Wrinkles are developed, hair turns gray, the muscle weight decreases. In addition, couples tend to add weight, especially if they don’t exercise effectively. All these physical changes brought as a result of aging may make one feel less attractive to their partners. In most cases, partners may find each other to be less sexually attractive. This can lead to the developing of sexual appeals towards other attractive members of the society. Nevertheless, in enduring intimate relationships, feelings of love, intimacy, and sharing of life should be the top priority more than the changes that are taking place in the body. If couples concentrate more on their physical body changes, then they are less likely to enjoy a healthy relation in their marriage. In fact, their sexual future may be affected in a negative way (Rathus, Nevid &amp. Fitcher, 2011). Susan should understand that Tom may require prolonged direct stimulation of the penis to obtain an erection. Old and married couples should adjust to these changes by extending the length and variety of foreplay.

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