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Create a Disaster Recovery (DR) Plan for the following organization; Company; Widget Works Electronics Employees; 250 Infrastructure; 1 Central...

Create a Disaster Recovery (DR) Plan for the following organization;• Company; Widget Works Electronics• Employees; 250• Infrastructure; 1 Central Office building housing the primary datacenter. 10 satellite sales branches.• Backbone; T1 leased circuits between each branch location connects then to the central office. A T3 circuit from the Central Office provides internet connectivity to the employees.• Servers; 10 dedicated Presentation servers (Microsoft Terminal Services) provide Thin Client services to all employees. 2 database servers maintain all data warehousing services. 5 Application servers provide all business system functionality.Requirements:• In no less than 600 words; outline a DR plan for the organization listed above.• Address each of the following issues;1. Proposed/Required recovery table of services – imelines during a complete primary site failure.2. Schedule for systems recovery; Categorize into Business Critical, Business Essential, Secondary.3. DR site location and reasons why.4. Data/systems duplication processes.CITE all references used at the end of your assignment.

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