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Creating Your Brand (leadership)

At the beginning I want help in this duty and I hope that there is someone who has experience in this field.

I have leadership class ,and the proffessor wants to give her a basic brand.

please do not used something in internet

any idea may be in food or small busniess


College is the time when you will have the opportunity to create your “brand” which you can use to market yourself in the job market and in your community.  By October 1st, you will create a mission statement for your future using values that you selected and throughout the semester, you have been learning about yourself.  For this assignment, you need to create a logo which represents yourself with a two page explanation of how you came to decide on that logo and in what ways it represents you as a leader and a person.  A rubric will be given to you at the beginning of the semester to help guide you through this unique leadership development assignment.  

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