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Creative Strategies and Alternatives

Can this be about Wal-Mart

Just as a recap, the strategic management plan should include the concepts and ideas covered throughout this course. The following points need to be addressed in your strategic management plan: 

  • Explain the strategic management process within the global environment.
  • Describe the role of corporate governance in strategic decision making.
  • Conduct various environmental analyses as they relate to an organization.
  • Identify challenges in strategy implementation.
  • Create strategies and potential strategic alternatives for different situations.
  • Integrate and apply knowledge gained in other courses in the business administration curriculum.
  • Use effective communication techniques.
  • Include anything else that you deem important to support your strategic management plan.

The deliverable length is 1,250 words. Do not forget to include a cover page and reference page with all of your resources formatted in APA style.

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