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critical writing assignment


A. Choose one of the following  questions below, and write an 850 word essay using the MLA format.

B. Include at least three references,  do not use Wikipedia or the textbook, The Unfinished Nation.

C.  Double spaced with 12 point font.

D.  Plagiarized papers will result in an automatic F.

  1. Explain what the Spanish were searching for when Cortes came to the New World, how they successfully conquered the area, and how the Native Americans reacted. Do you agree or  disagree with the leadership of Moctezuma.  If you were a Native American, how would you have reacted to the Spanish?
  1. Explain who supported the loyalist cause in the colonies and why, and explain which colonist supported the rebels cause and why. To what degree did France and Spain support the rebellion? Explain why they did so?  Explain which cause would you have supported, loyalist or  rebels, during the Revolutionary period?
  1. Compare and contrast the Articles of Confederation and the Constitution.  Describe the groups who supported the idea of a new Constitution and those who opposed the change. Explain the reasons behind each position. If you were a Colonist in the 1770s, tell why you would have  supported or opposed a new Constitution.
  1. Discuss American’s attitudes toward slavery.  Describe those who favored the policy and those who opposed it.  Explain why slavery was abolished in some areas and not others even after the American Revolution.  If you were an abolitionist tell why you opposed slavery.  If you were a tobacco planter in Virginia, tell why you supported slavery.
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