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CRJ 320 Week 7 Discussion

"Robbery, Burglary, and Theft"  Please respond to the following:

  • Compare and contrast the fundamental similarities and differences among robbery, burglary, and larceny. Provide one (1) example of each crime to support your response.
  • Select one (1) crime that you discussed in Part 1 of this discussion. Next, identify at least two (2) challenges with investigating the crime you selected and recommend at least one (1) step that law enforcement departments can take in order to improve investigation of the crime. Provide a rationale to support your response. 

Crime Scene recap:


  1. We were called to the scene for a welfare check on a 35 yr old male, called in by the mother.
  2. When Officers arrived, they pronounced an individual dead at 1015 hours.
  3. They called YOU, and you along with Crime Scene arrived on the scene (Video)
  4. The ME arrived at 1300 hours and you began to process the scene. No signs of trauma.
  1. We found a note
  2. Victim identified as Charlie Strayer
  3. We found beer bottles
  4. We found a prescription of Xanax, empty and prescribed to wife
  5. ME estimates time of death 3 weeks ago
  6. Prescription was prescribed 1 week ago
  7. Any other information you have found


  1. ME report determined the cause of death as undetermined however believes that the victim died from of an excessive amount of carbon monoxide in the lungs.  Toxicology report (as normal) will not be ready for another month.

The mom hears from the media that her son was into drugs and there have been multiple burglaries in the neighborhood.  The sister demands the autopsy report and wants answers to the recent burglaries in the area. The sister and Mom believe the daughter-in-law (wife of victim) is romantically involved with a drug dealer and the dealer was behind the recent burglaries in the neighborhood to support his drug habit. The mom believes that her son’s wife had the new boyfriend, the dealer, kill her son for the insurance policy.

The media is contacting the Mayor of your city. You get to work at 9:00AM on Day 5 and get called into the Chief's office. The Chief advises you that the media is hounding him and she set up a press conference in 45 minutes about the recent burglaries and the now, suspicious death in Strayerville. YOU has the Detective have taken three or four of the burglaries in the area.  Burglaries are during the day and the suspect is taking prescription drugs and jewelry.  The last burglary occurred three weeks ago two blocks from Charlie's home. 

Are we dealing with a natural death, accidental death, homicide or suicide?

Do we interview people? Who? What do we want to find out?

Anything else?  The PIO is getting slammed with inquiries and residents in Strayerville.  Front page of the Strayerville Post reads: Strayerville, How safe are you? Burglar turned murderer. Do we have a serial killer on our hands? 

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