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CRT 205 Week 4 Persuasion via Rhetoric Quiz II

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1. Which of the following descriptions best captures the difference between a euphemism and a dysphemism?2. This rhetorical device is a thought or image about a group of people based upon little or no evidence.3. This rhetorical device allows someone to insinuate something deprecatory about someone or something without actually saying it.4. This rhetorical device is phrased as a question that rests upon one or more unwarranted or unjustified assumptions.5. This rhetorical device works by protecting a claim from criticism by watering it down so to give the speaker a way out in the case that the claim is challenged.6. This rhetorical device works by attempting to make someone or something less significant or important.7. This rhetorical device is best described as an extravagant overstatement.8. This rhetorical device works by suggesting that there is evidence or authority for a claim without actually citing this evidence.9. Your teacher might have called this paper on capitalism "independent thinking".10. I don't know what my opponents will base their speeches on; I'm basing mine on love for my country.11. Economists say this layoff is Cleveland's final readjustment to a service economy.12. At the end of the day, the reasons for our view tend to preponderate over the reasons for the contrary view.13. Of course she told you it'll run smoothly. Car salespeople will tell you whatever they think you want to hear.14. For all practical purposes, there has basically been only one worthwhile idea in the history of philosophy.15. Are you here to beg for another favor?16. Open this envelope and you'll get a check for three million dollars, if your name appears on our list of winners.17. Letter to the editor: "We can thank ivory tower professors like Mr. Fosl for all the head-in-the-clouds ideas our society has to contend with."18. Is this going to be another bright suggestion like your proposal that we take scuba lessons?19. Who was that young woman with the Senator last night: his niece?20. You can't sleep with the covers over your head. All the medical journals will tell you that's harmful.21. Taxation is the oppressive practice of taking other people's hard-earned money.22. We will fund this new program through revenue enhancements from the sale of beer and cigarettes.23. Overheard: "You know why the subway is so dirty, don't you? They're getting people on welfare to clean the cars."

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