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Customer relationship management (CRM) is used to A. collect consumer data. B. enhance company image. C. give managers knowledge about consumers. D. develop promotional strategies.When u

 Customer relationship management (CRM) is used to 

   A. collect consumer data.

   B. enhance company image.

   C. give managers knowledge about consumers.

   D. develop promotional strategies.

When using external secondary data from published sources, the fundamental problem is identifying and accessing what is there. What should be the first step in this process? 

   A. Identify what you want to know and what you already know about your topic.

   B. Develop a list of key terms and authors.

   C. Enlist the assistance of a reference librarian.

   D. Compile literature you have already found.

What should you do if the information you've compiled in a search of external data is insufficient or not relevant to your needs? 

   A. Consult a reference librarian at a public or university library.

   B. Create a new research proposal.

   C. Rework your list of key terms and names and expand your search to include more sources.

   D. Manipulate data in the model system of your firm's DSS

After a marketing manager identified what she needs to know and what she already knows about a problem, she discovers that relevant, internal secondary data don't exist to support a decision process. What is the next step the manager should take? 

   A. Consult the company's reference librarian

   B. Identify and consult with authorities in the subject matter

   C. Begin a primary data collection effort

   D. Develop a list of key terms and names

 Modern information systems (MIS) are characterized by 

   A. the dependence on large mainframe computers.

   B. the ability of users to request information themselves.

   C. limited involvement in Internet technology.

   D. control of systems by an MIS department manager

 If a researcher wants to manipulate large amounts of data to explore changes in operational procedures, he or she will use 

   A. expert systems.

   B. commercial databases.

   C. artificial intelligence.

   D. model systems.

 All of the following terms are associated with the dialog system except 

   A. modeling system.

   B. self-prepared reports.

   C. language system.

   D. data mining

Data such as transactional data collected by banks, airlines, and retailers is known as _______ data. 

   A. collected

   B. structured

   C. unstructured

   D. random

The variety dimension of big data refers to 

   A. the pace of data flow, both in and out of a firm.

   B. the different storage device capacities available for storing big data.

   C. the diversity of types, or forms, of data.

   D. the amount of data being collected

The pace at which data flows in and out of a firm is commonly referred to as the _______ dimension of big data. 

   A. volume

   B. velocity

   C. variety

   D. vastness

Which of the following represents the greater challenge when it comes to understanding consumers' online activities? 

   A. Counting the number of times a website or banner has been accessed

   B. Counting the revenue from online transactions

   C. Encouraging survey participation

   D. Determining the demographics of visitors to a website

 A key trend in obtaining marketing intelligence involves the joining together of many different pieces of consumer information with technology. This process is called 

   A. enterprise resource planning (ERP).

   B. actionable information.

   C. knowledge management.

   D. customer relationship management (CRM)

A marketing _______ is one way of visually presenting relevant marketing information to a manager. 

   A. guide

   B. dashboard

   C. control panel

   D. book

Which term describes the service used by researchers in an attempt to provide an overall assessment of the effectiveness of a marketing campaign across multiple media platforms? 

   A. Cross platform services

   B. Portable people meters

   C. Media-sponsored readership studies

   D. Multi-media diaries

 _______ analysis tries to uncover explanatory, future-based models of business performance based on the relationship between data inputs and business outcomes. 

   A. Regression

   B. Perceptive

   C. Predictive

   D. Descriptive

Which one of the following statements best represents the analytics skills challenge of big data integration? 

   A. Big data analytics is a discipline too new to provide meaningful employment opportunities.

   B. Most companies have not yet accumulated enough data to have a need for big data analytics.

   C. There's too much data, and companies lack the right skills to manage data effectively.

   D. The level of skill required for big data analytics is too low to attract quality job candidates into the profession.

A regional sales manager wants to create a table and figure showing the productivity of the company's sales force over the past 10 years. To do this, the manager will use a _______ system. 

   A. data

   B. marketing information

   C. dialog

   D. model

What is a big advantage of the systems approach over the project approach? 

   A. The systems approach requires no special software or programming.

   B. The systems approach makes current information available to managers when they need it.

   C. The systems approach automatically gathers all needed information.

   D. The systems approach examines behaviors at only one point in time.

The Nielsen television ratings are computed from data gathered by means of 

   A. smartphone apps.

   B. gaming consoles that are attached to television sets.

   C. telephone surveys of representative viewer sample.

   D. people meters and diaries.

Tesco, the British supermarket retailer, has been successful largely because of its 

   A. great amounts of customer information.

   B. exceptional promotional strategies.

   C. Clubcard program. 

   D. extensive global expansion

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