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Data Standards and Data Security Common data formats are critical to being able to exchange data quickly and smoothly.

Data Standards and Data SecurityCommon data formats are critical to being able to exchange data quickly and smoothly. Establishing the standards for those common formats takes a great deal of negotiation and communication. In addition, security of information is a crucial consideration, especially when it is transmitted over the Internet or is part of a large database system. Data standards can also facilitate security issues.In preparation for this week’s Discussion, review the article on cybersecurity presented in this week's Learning Resources. Consider the strategies presented for increasing Internet data security. You may also wish to conduct additional research on the Internet about data security prior to posting your response.Post by day 4 a response to the following: (Reminder: Your initial response must be made in a single posting.)•What issues need to be considered when planning an information systems project to increase data security?•What strategies can be used to increase data security?•Article: Berkowitz, B., & Hahn, R. (2003). Cybersecurity: Who's watching the store? Issues in Science & Technology, 19(3), 55-64.This article examines Internet security from the perspective of the U.S. government's involvement in developing regulations to better control cybercrime. Types of threats are discussed, along with the new cybersecurity strategies the U.S. government has put in place.

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