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DB history

Throughout history, commercial and economic concerns have tremendously influenced the development of culture and politics in countries throughout the world. Analyze how cultural and political developments of the United States were similarly influenced by the listed economic and commercial concerns.

Since America’s independence, vast differences have developed from region to region. Consider how the historical antebellum developments of the more urban and commercial North and the more rural and agricultural South led to differences in the culture, political parties, and ethnic and racial perspectives of the two regions and eventually gave way to the American Civil War. Historians have long debated the causes of the American Civil War and have generally agreed these causes to be rooted in political, economic, and social differences. 

Use the following outline to format your response:

Paragraph 1

  • How did historical regional differences affect the development of political structures in the United States?
  • What examples do you see in current times of how these events affected the U.S. development of culture and society? 

Paragraph 2

  • Describe 2 fundamental reasons why the American Civil War occurred.
  • Given the circumstances of the conflict, explain whether or not the war could (or should) have been avoided.
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