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DECEMBER 31 2015 2014 2013 Long-term debt 140,000 100,000 71,000 Total liabilities $282,000 $200,000 $164,000 Common stock ($1 par, 50,000 shares)

The ratios that were discussed in this chapter are current ratio, quick ratio, average payment period, total assets turnover, fixed asset turnover, average collection period, inventory turnover, total debt to total assets, equity multiplier, interest coverage, fixed charge coverage, operating profit margin, net profit margin, operating return on assets, return on total assets, return on equity and DuPont method of ratio analysis. See challenge problem 12, I need help answered with the ratios that are listed above. Thank you!

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DECEMBER 31201520142013Long-term debt140,000100,00071,000Total liabilities$282,000$200,000$164,000Common stock($1 par, 50,000 shares)$50,000$50,000$50,000Paid-in capital100,000100,000100,000Retained earnings68,00050,00038,000Total stockholders' equity218,000200,000188,000Total liabilities and equity$500,000$400,000$352,000YEARS ENDED DECEMBER 31201520142013Net revenues or sales$700,000$600,000$540,000Cost of goods sold450,000375,000338,000Gross profit250,000225,000202,000Operating expenses:General and administrative95,00095,00095,000Selling and marketing56,00050,00045,000Depreciation25,00020,00015,000Operating income74,00060,00047,000Interest14,00010,0007,000Income before taxes60,00050,00040,000Income taxes (40%)24,00020,00016,000Net income$36,000$30,000$24,000Number of shares outstanding50,00050,00050,000Earnings per share$0.72$0.60$0.48
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