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Define and distinguish primary groups and secondary groups, management assignment help

need logical answers (about social groups) not more than three pages everything

1. Define and distinguish primary groups and secondary groups. Provide examples of primary and secondary groups to which you have belonged.

2. Identify and describe three leadership styles. Provide an example of each.

3.  Identify several of the reference groups that are important to you. Why did you choose them?

 4. Provide examples of each of Etzioni’s three types of formal organizations. How can one organization be an example of one type to one person and a different type to a different person?

 5. Identify several problems with bureaucratic organization. Overall, do you think that bureaucracy is efficient or not? Is it a positive element of modern society or not? Why?

 6. Do you think modern organizations are becoming “smarter” in terms of developing the imagination and creativity of workers? Or do most of today jobs seem more like the routine factory work we link to the early industrial era? Explain.

7. What sorts of personal information should be kept private? Is it even possible today to keep information private?(in general)


Is the loss of privacy a result of technology that cannot be regulated? Or do you think that new laws and regulations can protect the interests of citizens and customers?( in general)

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