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design essentials

Due 8/13

For this assignment, you will construct a paper focusing on a topical area –(Corporate Social Responsibility)

That is related to the "design essentials" of organization theory. Once you have selected a topic, address at least four of the following ‘design essentials’ of an organization in your paper: Listed below

• Tools to adapt to a changing environment.

• The role of managers in shaping organizations to perform well and meet the needs of society.

• Designing organizations to achieve both efficiency and effectiveness.

• Organization design elements: the technical core, top management, middle management, technical support, and administrative support.

• Mechanistic versus organic organization design.

• Open organization systems that interact with the environment.

Directions for Submission

Using this information, develop a 6-8 page (not including your title and reference pages) APA formatted paper in a word document. Make sure you have a clear introduction, body, and conclusion to your work. Include a clear thesis statement at the end of your first paragraph.

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