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Devry HSM 330 Midterm Exam 2017 Version

1.       Data compiled from individual patient data fields and formed into information about certain groups of patients is as example of

2.       Which of the following is a gap in a physician office EHR environment where a document imaging system can be of value

3.       EDMS is likely to eliminate which HIM department function

4.       The Electronic Signatures in Global and National Commerce Act of 2000, also known as the E-SIGN bill, furthered what aspect of the EHR adoption process

5.       A key strategy to gain user involvement in an EHR is

6.       What is the primary difference between a closed and an open system?

7.       Which of the following is a characteristic of a program (in comparison to a project)?

1.     What are the major benefits and potential barriers to achieving benefits in an EHR? What steps are important to overcome barriers

2.     Not every vendor that supports HIS has developed a repository structure that is sufficiently robust to integrate both discrete data and images. What alternatives do hospitals have in this situation? Please Explain

3.     What is the definition of an electronic signature according to the E-SIGN Act, when was it approved, and how many states have accepted this standard

4.     As discussed in the literature - what has the IOM been known for as it relates to the EHR in healthcare? Describe three of their contributions

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