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discuss and Essay

Your textbook described in detail 3 moral issues: euthanasia, environmental ethics, and cloning. 

Textbook : Boss, J. A. (2014). Ethics for Life: A Text with Readings (6th ed.). McGraw-Hill Companies.

Select and research another contemporary moral issue in light of natural law ethics. 

In a short essay, discuss whether you agree with the position that a natural law ethicist would most likely take on the issue?  If so, explain why.  If not, explain why.

Make note of content, organization, development, conventions, and APA format. 

part 2

. Discuss whether there are any injustices in our country (or around the world if you cannot think of one in the U.S.A.) today that call to resist the government and engage in civil disobedience. Discuss how you would carry out the civil disobedience in a manner that is consistent with Thoreau’s Criteria for Civil Disobedience:

  1. Only moral and nonviolent means are used to achieve its goals.
  2. An effort is first made to bring about change through legal means.
  3. The actions are open and public.
  4. Dissidents are willing to accept the consequences of their actions. 
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